Custom Programming

Let us programatically solve your problem!
  • Are you repeating the same process again and again?
  • Do you need to automate a manual process?
  • Do you want to provide better customer service?
  • Do you require improved stock control?
  • Would you like to improve the use of the information stored in your accounting package, but it does not provide you the means to do so?
  • Any other ideas? Just name it, and we will endeavour to help you out!

Database design and solutions

We have extensive knowledge and experience in Microsoft Access and SQL Server, amongst others
  • Let us create a database to answer your specific needs
  • Customized reporting using Crystal Reports or web pages
  • Quick data questioning to narrow down a specific search
  • Significance reports: Find out which customers you should be concentrating your time on!
  • Stored procedures and user defined functions
  • Database hosting at very affordable prices! (Includes SQL Server 2005!)
  • Name it, and we will try to solve it!

Server-Side programming

Do you create your own HTML, but want to add advanced server-side features?
We can collaborate to get the perfect website for your needs!
  • Latest Microsoft .NET technology
  • Web and database hosting at very affordable prices (from AU$150 a year)
  • Web Services
  • Advanced Database solutions
  • XML and XLST
  • Name it!


Do you need an experienced guide that can help you navigate through the IT world? Anything you always wanted to know but where afraid to ask?
  • Personal Computers
  • Internet
  • Virus Protection and similar
  • Word, Excel, Outlook
  • Internet Explorer and other browsers
  • Google and other search engines
  • Getting your own domain name or website
  • Name it!

Dabas Software Solutions